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Charleston House Plans

The hallmarks of Charleston style home plans that emulate those house designs of homes of the civil war era in the deep south are the tall columns and wrap around porches. These distinctive house plans have a grace that is perfectly suited to the hot, humid climate; offering house plans with a welcomed cross ventilation in the days before air conditioning. Charleston house plan designs may include many picture windows overlooking your "plantation" and two story verandahs (called "piazzas" in Charleston )offering a nice shaded place to sit. Below is a sampling of the Charleston style house plans available in our home plan database, click to view details about a Charleston floor plan design.

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  Cottage Floor Plan  
View Charleston House Plan
Country Cottage House plan!
Plan Name:  Alexandria Cottage House Plan
Stock Number:  G2-2557
Living Area:  2,557 square feet
Width:  54'
Depth:  59' 7"
  Devonwood House Plan-Charleston House Plans  
View Charleston House Plan
Perfect for a Shallow Lot!
Plan Name:  Devonwood House Plan
Stock Number:  F2-4110
Living Area:  4,110 square feet
Width:  109' 10"
Depth:  39'
  Ashton House Plan-Charleston House Plans  
View Charleston House Plan
Georgian Home Design!
Plan Name:  Ashton House Plan
Stock Number:  G2-4143
Living Area:  4,143 square feet
Width:  96' 10"
Depth:  33' 8"
  Florida Floor Plan - St. James Home Plan  
View Charleston House Plan
Florida House Design
Plan Name:  St. James Home Plan
Stock Number:  G2-4294
Living Area:  4,294 square feet
Width:  84' 8"
Depth:  57' 6"
  Traditional Floor Plan  
View Charleston House Plan
New Classic Revival Home Design!
Plan Name:  La Reverie House Plan
Stock Number:  G2-4330
Living Area:  4,330 square feet
Width:  68' 8"
Depth:  81' 2"
  Florida Floor Plan  
View Charleston House Plan
Great lakefront home!
Plan Name:  Ashbrook Home Plan
Stock Number:  G2-4696
Living Area:  4,696 square feet
Width:  74' 2"
Depth:  117' 6"
  Plantation Floor Plan  
View Charleston House Plan
Plan Name:  Savannah Home Plan
Stock Number:  F2-5209
Living Area:  5,209 square feet
Width:  79'
Depth:  84' 8"
  Colonial House Plan | Prestige Floor Plan  
View Charleston House Plan
Southern Inspired House Plan!
Plan Name:  Prestige House Plan
Stock Number:  F3-6482
Living Area:  6,482 square feet
Width:  90' 4"
Depth:  98' 9"
  Georgian Floor Plan - Alexandria House Plan  
View Charleston House Plan
Georgian Home Design!
Plan Name:  Alexandria House Plan
Stock Number:  F3-6720
Living Area:  6,720 square feet
Width:  127' 10"
Depth:  100' 8"

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